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LJ Crochet Community Archive

open to all who want to learn or share

Crochet Community -- ARCHIVE ONLY
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
This is the archive of the crochet community closed down due to excessive melodrama. The final form of this archive is yet to be determined. Do not count on it being here at any given moment as work on it is still in progress and due to the scope of that work, will probably be in progress for a long time to come. If you're interested in discussion, try some of the other crochet communities linked below. Comments are disabled for this community (which means past comments do not show up) until editorial work can be finished. Which will probably be a long, long time. Comments may be re-enabled, or may not. Membership is closed.

This community was created with the intention of giving people who crochet a place to share patterns, tips and tricks, let newbees ask questions and find help, let people show off projects and seek help for troublesome things, and generally give people who are addicted to yarnworking a place to hang out together :) It has grown tremendously since its creation and spawned other new communities as well. For best results, take a moment to check out some of the other communities linked. Due to the sheer size and volume of traffic in this community, PLEASE BE SURE TO TAKE A MINUTE TO LOOK AT FAQS AND MEMORIES before you post a new question. If you are a beginning crocheter, you can be assured you will get no flames for your question in basic_crochet. If you are a seasoned veteran, take a look at a_twistedstitch. Don't forget to check out related subject communities, linked below. Before you post your question, check to see if it is answered in crochet_faq. Feel free to add your contributions to the answers as well!

To contact the moderator(s): e-mail crochet@livejournal.com.

A note on pictures - ALL PICTURES MUST BE BEHIND A CUT. Cut text must describe the picture(s). Please be advised that photos may or may not be what you personally consider work-safe, kid-safe, or inoffensive. It is your choice to click on cut links or not.

FIRST AND FOREMOST RULE: Don't wilfully be a jerk. Trolling and all-out flamefests run the risk of being deleted wholesale.

Additionally, please take a moment to check that:


LONG URLs EITHER 'SHORTERLINKED' OR HTML'ED! As in, <a href="http://long.url.goes.here">Click here</a>

Long URLs stretch out the display in most people's browsers and generate lots of frustration.

Please refrain from posting "JOIN MY COMMUNITY!" type posts. I don't mind people referencing other communities, or even crossposting in moderation, but if you are just looking for new members to your community, go to community_promo. Since there are a number of individuals who do not seem to care that this is law here, I now reserve the right to ban you from the community for posting a community promotion without at least ATTEMPTING to make it seem crochet related. I am tired of having to delete posts for people who are too lazy or inconsiderate to mind the rules of the community. A few rotten apples have spoiled the barrel. You have been warned.

A third 'Must-Not' since it has now shown it may be necessary. I would prefer you don't post any quiz results at all, but if you do, they should be strictly yarn/crochet related (no, not knitting related, you can frustrate other community maintainers with those) and under no circumstances start a whole new post just so we can see what YOU got. Post your results in your own journal or in the thread of the post that started it.

Essentially, stay on topic, or your post will be deleted. I'm not kidding.

A note about copyright: you can link to
patterns, but posting whole unaltered patterns that are still in copyright annoys authors (even free ones, I found this out the hard way). Posting small snippets you are having issues with or patterns you've had to alter to really have make sense I don't mind, and I won't say anything about unless the author contacts me, but if it's out of a book, it's best to name the book, or from a site just link it :)

If you do post patterns here, please be sure you give due credit when available. If it's from a magazine or website or your Dear Aunt Sally ... tell us (and be mindful of copyright laws!). It might get someone hooked up with a new website/magazine/book that they want to go buy. For a pretty extensive article on pattern copyright, see here.

Useful Links!
Teaching a Child to Crochet (or learning yourself)
http://www.yarnfwd.com/crochet.html - UK (aussie too maybe?) vs US terminology for stitches
http://www.yarnfwd.com/needleconv.html - knitting needle size conversions (UK/US)
http://www.yarnfwd.com/crochetconv.html - croceht hook size conversions (UK/US)
http://www.yarnfwd.com/steelhookconv.html - steel hook size conversions (metric/standard)
http://www.yarnfwd.com/tension.html - Yarn weight descriptions

http://crochet.about.com <--helpful info on how-to, free patterns
http://www.stitchguide.com <-- help on understanding hows and whats of stitches
http://www.lionbrand.com <--free patterns, yarn info, online catalogue
http://www.e-yarn.com <-- knitting and crochet supplies and patterns for sale online
http://home.inreach.com/marthac/links.html <--big page of links to free patterns
http://www.freepatterns.com/ <--more free patterns!
http://elann.com <--discount yarns!
http://www.smileysyarns.com/ <--more discount yarns!

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