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December 18th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive

About December 18th, 2005

01:35 am
My first venture into Amigurumi.

Big Bad Riding Hood?

Little Red Riding Hood seems to be having a few problems, she says that she can't shake the feeling that the Big Bad Wolf is stalking her.

We spoke with the Big Bad Wolf and he says he just wants her to get off his back so he can go on with his life.

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Further word from the mod 08:04 am
Point 1: rules for the community have been revised, please read the info page.

Point 2: ALL IMAGES MUST NOW BE BEHIND A CUT TAG WITH TEXT DESCRIBING WHAT THEY ARE. All images. If you clicked on it and didn't like it, it's your fault. If you didn't put it behind a cut and someone flamed you, it's your fault.

Point 3: I'd really like to ask people to treat each other how they want to be treated. Do you want 800 furious raving women ranting at you? 1500? Up to possibly 2500? What if they're whining? What if it's just a handful that can't get along? Neither do I. I do react well to civility and adult discussion, but I am not your mother, your boss, your teacher, or anybody who gets off on authority or wants to mediate constantly.

x-posted to a_twistedstitch 08:24 am
There is now a change of policy over at a_twistedstitch. It is no longer only for advanced crochet, but we will remain only for rare, original and unusual pieces.

Any and all manner of oddity or delicious weirdness appreciated. We are a body-positive, open-minded, multi-national, pan-religious community. We are also highly populated by snarks, so only those who can handle criticism should venture a swim in our waters. If you post the same old scarf in a community for the unusual, be prepared to hear about it and be prepared to answer the question "what makes your crochet so special".

As before, I prefer to limit questions asked in a_twistedstitch to the ones which arise in designing and/or free-handing (not free-forming, which is another thing entirely). Questions regarding patterns you are working on, or regarding stitch how-tos should be directed to basic_crochet. Asking a poster for the pattern will, as always, get you banned (bad form, people) and making posts in search of patterns will get you ridiculed and banned.

Basically, we're a bunch of bawdy loudmouth bitches with tons of opinions, and you are welcome to join.

Christmas hats and scarves. 08:32 am
A friend of mine has introduced me to the kniffty knitters. We were trying to figure out how to make those fashionable scarves using the new fun yarn. It isn’t easy to work with fun fir and eyelash yarn and the boa yarn. She found the kniffty knitter and showed me. We have been going to town ever since. I started afghans for Christmas last January. I did five. Yes, five. I did that by setting a schedule. I decided that I had so many weeks per afghan. That meant that I had to do so many inches or so many squares a day leaving time to finish each afghan whether that meant just the border or putting the squares together and then adding the boarder. I did it. I even had time to do six of those scarves with the kniffty knitter. They were great fun. Then I got carried away. I made one of those fancy scarves for every single niece I have and a hat for every nephew. The scarves take me two days to do. My friend can rip them out in a day. The hats are different story. Two hours at the most. I whipped hats out for everyone I know. Cute. My goodness those things are cute. I made camouflage hats for the little nephews, those small enough to still love playing army and hunting. I made hats to match jackets of the older nephews. Even though my brothers and father are getting their own camouflage hats. I made a hat for my grandmother who loves soft hats. They are lovely. The real problem is that I still have yarn and time and empty Christmas bags. Everyone I know will have warm ears the rest of this winter.
Yesterday, I watched Christmas movies as I made about ten dozen cookies and three hats. It was a great day. My floor still needs to be vacuumed but I have hats for three more people. Priorities. Got to have priorities.

01:03 pm
i have a technical question and i need some help......
i am trying to figure out how to decrease on a pattern stitch.... for instance let's say i am doing a spaced scale stitch and want to use it in a hat and as i go, i am assuming i would decrease on the pattern.... or would it be easier to increase and start at the top???? i am really good with using fancy stitches (as found in crochet bible, etc) but i have no idea how to decrease or increase on a fancy stitch like this-- i could basically only go in a straight shot, like for a scarf or blanket. i thought maybe someone could help....please??

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my latest creations, A Monkey Spider & Kitty Cthulhu softies 06:55 pm
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