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December 15th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive — LiveJournal

About December 15th, 2005

Baby it's cold outside 01:18 am
finally finished an x-mas present!!

using the Baby it's cold outside pattern from Crochet Me dot com.

Used lionbrand's homespun in lavendar sachet (down towards the bottom) for the main body and then red heart watercolor (towards the bottom #318) as the trim.

after all of the horror stories i had heard about homespun, i was a little reluctant to use it. however, i LOVED it. didn't experience any problems, and i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the whole thing turned out. (not to mention how it feels!)

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first post! 04:11 am
Some silly things and an intro. :)

*EDIT* This post has some crochet tampon toys, and a ferret playing with them. If you're like...offended by yarn tampons better not click this.

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08:15 am
I finished my very first blanket. It only took me about a week to complete and I've just started my second one for the holidays yesterday. I'm this one to my step grandma and the other I'm working on is going to my grandma on my mom's side.

Christmas afghanCollapse )

As requested: photos of handwarmers 09:08 am
Here's a photo of the handwarmers I made for my sister for Christmas (I described the pattern here). They're adjustable to any wrist circumference (number of rows) and length (number of stitches), and it's all back-loop sc.

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These were done in some snazzy DK cotton-cashmere blend I had left over from another gift and using a Boye G (4.25 mm) hook. You could probably do a ladies' small with less than 50 g of yarn, so you might be able to do them in a decadent yarn for fairly cheap.

09:24 am
Here's another scarf I finished recently for my son's girlfriend.

6' long and 5" wide - Red Heart mixed with Fun Fur.

Thanks for all the great compliments on the camo print scarf. :)
Stay tuned for the ugliest hat to ever come out of scrap yarn!

Looking for: felted hat with pictures post 09:56 am

I'm looking for a post I saw (maybe within the past couple of months) where someone completed a felted hat . I believe it had a few pictures, including when it had come out of the dryer.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, I would appreciate if you can repost the link. I have tried using ljseek and the community calendar to find it, but it has been difficult because several posts are untitled.

Thanks :)

sc2tog 11:48 am
The memories feature is not working right now, so I can't look it up there & I'm not finding anything online. I wanted to crochet a few of the Super Mario stars for my daughter. I have the patter printed out from like 4 months ago. On the points, for example in row 3 this is what it reads: ch1, sc2tog, sc in next 4 sc, sc2tog (4sc). I understand that tog stands for together. But, I'm just not getting it. Can someone please explain it to me further. Thank you!
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show and tell 12:28 pm

happy holidays to all. Here are a few things that i finally got onto my computer. some are new, some are not.


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"Love Bird" 01:01 pm

Pattern: http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_lovebird.htm

Mario star - revisited and corrected 04:03 pm
I had no idea that people actually used this pattern, but since some do, and it has a mistake in it, here's the right version:
(sorry for the brainfart in the first post)

Super Mario Invincibility star!

Pattern hereCollapse )

MAM blanket 10:15 pm
This is my latest finish, er...still has some ends needing to be tucked but I love it. It is from a leisure arts pattern Herb garden. It was quick, intermediate difficulty I would say, and easy to transport into meetings.

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