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December 14th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive

About December 14th, 2005

Homespun Drama Turns Heads 08:05 am
Well, I didn't realize there was such a wide range of pros and cons about Homespun. Anyway, after bitching yesterday, I worked about 10 rows and finally got the hang of it, now I will probably be happy. It is really soft and i love the color mixture. Now I won't need any valium and my nerves are getting much better. I bought a K Hook, because that is what the wrapper suggests, and I'm use to working with a G or H, so that is a little different also. Anyway, I will be finished before Christmas and if my husband's bosslady doesn't like it, she is crazy.
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Teaching Little Ones 08:51 am
Hello everyone!

I just found out that my 7 yr old little boy wants to learn to crochet. Since I have one more present to buy for him (from Santa, of course), I'm thinking I'd like to help get him started but have no idea where to do so.

I've already gotten his sister one of those kid's granny square kits as a present, and I'm betting he'll be really ticked if he doesn't get something like it too. But she already knows the basics!

Any ideas of what is best to do/get for a little one who has no idea how to do it as of yet? And more importantly: is he too young?

I'm new. 10:11 am
My name is Shellee. I just got fired from my cushy, corporate job about six weeks ago, so in an effort to keep myself sane and still survive Christmas, I've been crocheting and knitting like a mad woman. I used to crochet when I was younger and I was amazed at how quickly I picked it up again. The knitting isn't going so well. I'm trying to teach myself to knit, but being dyslexic proves to be challenging with two opposing needles. So crochet it is!

I've mostly been doing scarves because they are quick and painless gifts. After Christmas I hope to move on to more elaborate projects. I thought I would share a photo of a set I'm working on for my little brother's girlfriend. It will soon have matching leg warmers with furry trim and pom poms. I'm hoping she will love it.

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Crochet I-Cord? 10:38 am
I've googled this but have only come up with a few unsatisfactory results. Is there a crochet substitute for the knit i-cord? Or are we reduced to a single crochet chain?

Boas for Christmas 01:01 pm
I'm probably the last person on the list to find how much
fun it is to make these and how fast they go. Anyway,
here are someBOAsCollapse ) I made for the girls on my Christmas
list. They are made of fun fur and disco yarn.
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fashion question 01:48 pm
just curious, but are legwarmers back in again?
i'be been seeing them for sale in stores like target, but wasn't sure if the kids/young adults are actually buying/wearing them??
also, i saw a model the other day sporting a pair of handwarmers.
now THERE is an idea!!
anyone seen a pattern for the handwarmers that includes the thumbhole?

Winter Stuff 02:55 pm
Hi all! I just thought I'd post a hat, scarf, and mittens that I made for my sister for Christmas. I've posted the mittens before (I've had them done since like September). I had a catastrophe with the pom pom...I had cut yarn to make it and started winding the wrong end...I was winding the yarn that was coming from each of the skeins! I didnt realize until I had more than half of it pulled out and I had one big lump of a mess :(...it took me like 1 1/2 hours to get it out, but it is all better and I'm happy with the hat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

CloseCollapse )

04:26 pm
I'm looking for a yarn that feels and looks a bit like Homespun but has the bright primary colors of my beloved Red Heart Mexicana (I just love the rainbow colors in it so much).

Preferably somthing that is washable.


Hey everyone I am selling some yarn 08:53 pm
I haven't posted anything like this is a while so if it isn't allowed I will delete it. Just let me know.

Okay so this is the mother load of acrylic yarn sale!!!!!
I am selling this as one huge lot I am going to put it on ebay. The starting bid is going to be $20 because it will cost at least that to ship this sucker.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
take a look at my selling journal for photos or click here for the auction link, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8243491237&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1

blanket curse and other ideas 09:06 pm
My boyfriend wants a blanket. However, I definately know about the blanket curse. I won't be making him a blanket no matter how hard he whines about being cold.

Are there other suitable ideas out there for him instead?

09:56 pm
Yes call me lame. I can not figure this out because I do not understand patterns at all. I've never used them. I am trying so hard to make something so dumb and simple.

I am following this pattern. I can't even get past the first round section. I get up to this point:

"working along opposite side of starting chain single crochet in next chain and in each of remaining 36 chain
stitches; do not join round. Place a contrasting color thread between last single crochet and next single crochet and carry thread up
on each round to indicate beginning of each round. There are 39 single crochet between marked stitches."

I do not end up with 36 stiches on the second row. how is this possible when I added 6 stiches to the already 40? It doesn't make sense to my non-pattern reading brain? Please help or offer an easier pattern for me to follow. I promise I've crocheted for 12+ plus years but I've never read patterns. This will be my first time trying and it's not going so well. I thought I would start with some "easy" and this is where I end up.

Laugh away at this silly question, but please help! The lives of pot holders depend on YOU!
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11:09 pm
My sisters looking for ear warmers for christmas. I bought her a pair, but since I'm making something for everyone else in my family, I figured I might as well just make her a pair too.
I figured I'd just make her something like that, and I was going to make it a rectangle and just sew the two sides together since I think it'll be alot easier than doing it like a hat and working around.

Anyone have any suggestions for yarn? I don't want wool because it would be too scratchy, and I was thinking something with elastic in it would be useful, but I really don't know if it would work with this project, and what yarns would have it. Does anyone have any suggestions on techniques I should use, or which yarns I should buy for her?

Unfortunately she's going to her boyfriends house (I refuse to admit they're engaged) for christmas, but that buys me an extra week in which to work on it.

*turns on the Newbie Alert sign* 11:25 pm
Is there a trick to decreasing when working in post stitch? Does it work in-pattern, or do you have to switch to straight dc, or is there something else I'm missing? I'm working on a hat (crohooker, thanks for the suggestion, post stitch is SO much better than what I was doing before!), and I've tried starting the decreases at the top about four times, now, and none of them have looked right, somehow.

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