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December 13th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive — LiveJournal

About December 13th, 2005

My Zen Scarf 08:17 am
I just finished up a "Zen scarf" from Crochet Me--the pattern really was easy to remember, and looked good even in a plain yarn (Plymouth Encore). I added a little bit of fringe on the end at the recipients request, and she loved the result. I might make another one for myself..as soon as I'm done with all the Christmas presents I have left, of course.
Picture behind the cutCollapse )
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YAY! 10:02 am
I just went to go get the mail, and i had a package from mary maxim! i got my Disco Yarn! LOL!
its aqua velvet! now to think of what to make with one ball!

100 Grams Of Colinette Mohair 12:21 pm
I was given a lovely hank of Colinette Mohair, and I'm eager to get working with it.*

Anyone have a great 1-hank pattern they love for this, or similar, mohair yarns? It'll be my first mohair experience.

* yes, yes...AFTER Christmas presents are done...

JoAnns.com Yarn Story 12:38 pm
So I placed an order on JoAnns.com for 4 skeins of Paton's Katrina yarn in Dusky Pink in order to make a tank-top.
Then I get an email from them -- it's out of stock.
So, I figured I'd get a credit and that'd be that.

Well... I got a package today, with one skein in it.
And a bill for 3 skeins plus shipping!
So it was a total charge of about $29 for one skein of yarn. Paton's yarn, at that. OUCH!!!
So of course I'm fuming and freaking out, b/c that's what I do.
(I seriously need to learn to chill, but that's a different story...)

So I called up Joanns.com and said "I have a serious problem with my order."
I read her the order number, and she said, "We shipped you 3 skeins..."
I said, "No, actually, there's only one."
"Hmmm...." She replied.
Then I went on to explain that, I would figure that joanns.com of all places would understand that if I couldn't get the whole order, I wouldn't want any of the yarn, b/c the project calls for 4 skeins, and I need all the skeins to be of the same dye lot. So, even if they HAD shipped me 3 skeins, I wouldn't want it.
Anyway, she agreed! She credited me the price of the yarn, and the shipping, and then when I asked her how I should ship the 1 skein back to her, she said, "Don't worry about it. It would actually cost us more in handling, so enjoy the yarn!"

Rock on! A $9 skein of yarn, for free! (actually, I found it at Knitting Warehouse for $7 + $6 flat rate shipping, but they're out of it, too, and Weird Mirror Yarn Club has it for even less, like $5.60 a skein + shipping, but you have to buy 10 skeins.)
(However, now I've got a skein to swatch with, and I if i luv the yarn, maybe i'll decide to make a matching skirt and go for the yarn club! Woot! Let's hope I get some holiday cash to play with, lol...)

So... who else asked for "YARN!!!" when asked what gift they wanted for the holidays?
Both my mom & my bf refuse to get me any more until I use up what I have.
Seriously, they just don't understand, do they? :P

OK, end of yarn story, back to work. :/
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Where is everyone? 03:22 pm
This used to be such an active community. It really seems to have slowed down. Did everyone leave and go somewhere else?

I know it's Christmas, but still there used to be so many posts every day on this community and I don't see the same regulars posting here much anymore.

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OMG 04:44 pm
I have always been a plain jane type of crocheter. You know, Red Heart, Caron, anything Acrylic and smooth. Well I decided to make my husband's bosses wife a scarf for Christmas. Trying to impress, I didn't want to use RH, Caron, etc.....so I bought 2 skeins of Homespun
SOMEONE SHOOT ME....they don't make enough valium in the world to work with this stuff.
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05:00 pm

Crocheted my first shawl, and it is ridiculously warm. I did it with Homespun, which I love for making fringe and tassels, so I figured it woudl be okay to crochet with. I didn't really have any trouble, but I don't like other acrylic yarns so I never buy them.


and a picture of the front...Collapse )

07:31 pm
i only joined recently and just got approved, but i can tell already i'm gonna LOVE this community!
i'm sure many of you, like myself, are using your talents to make christmas gifts.
i can't tell you how surprised i was when i walked into walmart a few years ago and saw crocheted items for sale in the store! the prices are a bit much, but i love examining them. my oldest daughter gives me the eye-roll thing b/c i always end up saying "i could make that!" and then looking the stuff over and taking notes on my palm as to how i think they did it. i actually went IN the store with a pad and pencil once just for that reason... to write down what i thought the pattern might be to make something. amazingly, though the workers give me strange looks, no one's ever said anything, hehe...

i'm a HUGE fan of the HP books (and movies, of course) and have been using them for inspiration for gifts this year. i just finished my first peruvian-style cap, inspired by the one Rupert wore in the latest movie. i made this one solid black but am thinking of making a maroon and gold striped one as well. i'll probably make matching scarves to go with them (after all, we can't give the hat w/o the matching scarf now can we?). i'd really like to try my hand at a crocheted version of the Weasley sweater (you HP fans will know exactly what i'm talking about) but all i can find are KNIT patterns, and my knitting isn't all that great (took me nearly a week to knit a hat - bah!). anyone have a relatively easy crochet pattern that might work or who could possibly transcribe the pattern i found from knit to crochet?

btw, i'm LOVING the picture posts of your finished projects. i'll post some when i get a few more done. :)

many thanks!

Sweater pattern help 10:30 pm
So after finish all the xmas gifts I just have this sweater. I just don't understand this instruction.

So it says
-Work a further 23(25-25-27) rows even in the pat omitting turning ch at end of last row. Fasten off.

So does that mean I just omit the turning chain at the very last row or in all the rows? Also, does "even" mean I keep repeating the even row since there is only two rows to the pattern?

Thank you for your help. I really think my brain has become a ball of yarn
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