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December 10th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive — LiveJournal

About December 10th, 2005

Words cannot describe... 08:15 am
I''m so mad at myself. I was making a v-stitch wrap for my grandmother for Christmas, simple enough, right? Unfortunately, About 2.5 feet from the end, I added in an extra V. Do you think I noticed this until I'd cut and wove the end then fringed it? No, no I didn't.

Now, I'm removing the fringe, cutting the end, and ripping back to the error, the re-chaining it all up because I cannot live with giving a gift that flawed. This is what I get for taking gift to work on in waiting rooms.

FO - A scarf with amalgamated stitches :P 04:44 pm
Pics and such under hereCollapse )

I hate ponchos! 04:57 pm
Ok, I hate ponchos. BUT, I can't deny that they are quick and easy. My daughter has a classmate with a birthday party today so this week I made her this little poncho with fuzzy like pink trim and a little cloche hat. It's a little big on my daughter who is modeling it, but should fit the classmate well.


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07:54 pm
Just thought I'd post this picture of a gifty I made for my mother's birthday on the 19th. I purchased a small round of brie for my mother for her birthday & since I know that she also loves poinsettias, I crocheted this one from a potholder pattern. Worked it up in sport weight yarn & improvised on the last five rows or so, wove in some green elastic... et voila! Cover for the brie that converts to a Christmas Doily ^_^

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