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December 9th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive

About December 9th, 2005

Ewe Hat 08:53 am

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this hat is soooo warm, and i've made it for a friend that is only going to be in chicago for a couple more weeks, then she's moving to AZ.... hmmm...

Moving Right Along... 11:56 am
Soon as I find the answer I'mm looking for, I'm goin' back to bed and finish Corlin's poncho. I think I shared that I'm making it out of that yummy Red Heart "Symphony" yarn I love so much. MMMM....soft as as cloud. Problem is, I have to google for directi9ons of how to sew together the asymetrical poncho. I don't get it. I know that I'm "sposed to sew up the lenghth of the piece almost as far as the neckline, when folded in half, but do I sew up the side, or leave it open? That is my question.

As soon as this is complete, I'm back on Guav and Bea'safgan. The poncho was a nice divertissment.
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Bazaar went well...VERY well 01:24 pm
I wanted to say thank you for everyone in this community who help me with the rainbow potholders and ideas for my bazaar. me and my mother both crocheted items, she made granny square potholders and I made pillow sets, a teddy bear, rainbow potholders, a teacup teabag holder (that sold out really fast), a mouse to hang in your car. Plus we made banana bread and brownies to sell.
all in all we both made a 119.23$
I'm glad I did it maybe I'll do it again next year but for now I'm tired. I'm takin the weekend off then I'll start making the couple pillow orders I got on monday.
and ooh ooh! I made a teddy bear (sorry I never took a picture of him) but I got another order for him as well cuz I made a little vest and bowtie for him.
Thanks you guyz and merry christmas to all.
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03:43 pm
I've finished the sweater my dh is getting for christmas.
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