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December 7th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive — LiveJournal

About December 7th, 2005

identifying yarn composition 09:09 am
Hi there,

As I have been on an op-shop yarn hunting spree lately, I was wondeirng if there was any way, aside from experience, of identifying what an unlabelled yarn might be.

For the most part I can tell what is wool and what is acrylic. But a few times I have buggered that up, and not known until I washed the item. I have a couple of partially felted afghans now :D

I know that nylon can just about cut your hand in two if you try to break it, but that isn't always an option.

One find last week I thought was wool, but (after finding it in a little local yarn store) turned out to be 70% acrylic and 30% cotton :s (its gorgeous stuff though, might have to go back and get some of the new stuff)

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"Rupert" The Christmas Elf 03:00 pm

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Project Suggestions? 03:48 pm
I've never used 'crochet cotton' thread, but I picked up a skein of 75g Baroque super mercerized cotton thread, size 10. I also picked up a small hook (size D, I think). Any suggestions for an easy project I can do for someone just starting to work with this sort of thread? Like an easy doily or something that could use the thread and size hook that I have. Thanks!

Crochet Letters 08:58 pm
Hi - I'm new to this community. My friend's 12 year old son has asked me to crochet him a hat for winter with a four letter word on it (which isn't as bad as that sounds!)

He wants a black hat with the word 'ROCK' in red letters (I have no idea why!) I was thinking of doing it in (what you call in the US) Single Crochet (and what I call double crochet in the UK) but I can't find any letter templates. I've bought some double knitting wool but have got a bit stuck.

Has anyone got any ideas of where I could find some letter guides - I've been googling for a few days now. The only ones I found have been too ornate.

(Also when I work out how to post pictures I will post a picture of the first thing I have ever completed in crochet!)

nice to meet you all

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