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December 5th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive — LiveJournal

About December 5th, 2005

12:21 am
I don't want to double post, but I just now took some pictures of the Afghan I finished for my mother about two weeks ago. She knew I was making it, but I'm going to wrap it up for Christmas. I think it turned out fairly well. I used the diagonal box stitch on it and used Caron's Simply Soft yarn. My mom made an afghan for me when I was a baby with the same stitch. Anyway...I'd like your opinion because I'm a little iffy on it. :) Pics behind the cut so I'm not taking up everyone's friends lists. :)

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I need help! 11:42 am
Hello, all. I am trying to follow an afghan pattern and have gotten stuck on the instructions for changing colors at the end of a row. From what I can see, these instructions are written for people who are both experienced crocheters and experienced with reading patterns, and certain knowledge seems to be tacitly assumed. I have very little experience with following patterns and none with changing colors at the end of a row, and I feel like the color changing instructions in this pattern are assuming knowledge that I don't have. (I have gotten this feeling from a LOT of crochet patterns, but that is a whole separate topic, lol!)

The pattern I'm trying to follow is this one ("rows of kittens" or "crocheted cuddly kittens," as it's called on this website). I didn't have any trouble following the instructions for the actual stitches, but now I’m at the end of row two, and I have to change colors. Here's what the pattern says about that:

TO Change colors: Work dc until 2 lps rem on hook, finish off color being used, leave approx 4" end for weaving in now or later. With new color (leave approx 4" end) YO and draw through 2 lps on hook = color changed.

How do I "finish off color being used" and end up with two loops on my hook? I thought "finish off" meant to make a slip stitch and tie off the yarn, but if I were to do that, I wouldn't have any loops left on my hook. This tells me that must not be what "finish off" means here...so what the heck DOES it mean?

I would bet money that the answer is something very simple, but I don't see any way to divine it from these skimpy (IMO) instructions, and I'm not good at figuring out things like this intiuitively. I hate it when I can't figure out something that I'm sure is in actuality very simple, but the reality is that I have hit a wall and I could really use some help. If someone can help me get past this roadblock, I will be eternally grateful!
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safiya's scarf and hat 02:06 pm

i made this with left over caron soft yarn in embroidery color.  she moved too much so i couldnt get a good shot of her kitty ears and ear flap.

Which takes more yarn? 10:45 pm
Hi. I'm fairly new to this community...I'm much more of a knitter...but I crochet every once in awhile. I tried googling this with no luck....

Which takes more yarn? Single crochet or double crochet? Thanks very much!
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