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December 4th, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive — LiveJournal

About December 4th, 2005

10:30 am
Look Ma! My first doily is half way done!Collapse )

A Pile of Noel Gifts 11:57 am
Sorry not to post very often but it is a busy time
for all of us, I know. Thought I'd show you
what I've completed for Christmas.

A felted bag, several scarves and mittens and
seven afghans (the size of the top of a twin bed).
The pile is 28 inches high.

It does help that I
was laid up with a sprained ankle for several
month this sumer and I crocheted my lil ole
heart out. It was WONDERFUL!

Anyway, Here they areCollapse )</lj-cut
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WIPs 12:37 pm
I put down Guav and Bea's afgan long enough to begin a poncho for my little friend, Corlin, who graduates from Keuka College next weekend. I'm loosely basing it on one that Corly admired in a catalog last year. This one I'm making in that yummy faux mohair yar, Symphony, in shades of chocolate brown and ice blue. PURTY, and soft as a cloud. I'm about a third of the way through, and my deadline is next weekend.

The afgan foeer my son and his new wife will resume production after the poncho is complete. I am doing it in a quilting pattern called, "Trip Around The World". essentially, it's rounds of squares of different colors arranged around a cross in the center. So, it looks like
big diamond. Another three rounds of patches, and I can start squaring it off. Yay!
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found a great website 02:11 pm
i found a great website. for all those duh moments when your having problems with remembering a stitch or need a question answered...



11:26 pm
Here's the finished result of the hat & scarf for my 4 year-old cousin. I'm really thrilled with how it came out. :)

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