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December 2nd, 2005 - LJ Crochet Community Archive — LiveJournal

About December 2nd, 2005

Experience with Glitterspun? 01:48 pm
This isn't a crochet question per se, it's a yarn question...so I hope this is allowed!

I'm crocheting a shawl for a gift, and the photo in the pattern booklet I bought shows this gorgeous shawl done in Lion Brand Glitterspun in bronze. I think the Glitterspun looks wonderful and I really want to make it with that yarn, if possible. I found it online for $6.30 a skein (I haven't found it in any stores), but I need five skeins. Since I haven't actually seen or touched this yarn, and won't touch it until I've already plunked down $30 plus shipping, I'm nervous.

Has anyone worked with Glitterspun before, and if so, what did you think of it? My main worry is that it's going to be scratchy like some other metallic yarns, and I don't want it to be uncomfortable with short sleeves or sleeveless tops.

Yay! 05:08 pm
The new Crochet Me is up!


(abominable baby... I'm dying from teh cute!)

new stuff! 05:37 pm
I am now the proud owner of a set of steel crochet hooks, from size 00 to size 14! I don't know when I'm actually going to use them, but I found this set on eBay for a great price and couldn't resist. I have a little storage thingy for my crochet hooks that looks just like the one in the icon for this community site, and it is now completely full of hooks, just like the one on the icon! So I am now equipped to plunge into thread crochet whenever I decide I'm ready. :-)

I just wanted to share this with people who might be able to relate--I have a feeling most folks would have a hard time understanding why a bunch of little steel crochet hooks would be so exciting, lol.
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11:18 pm
So what did I do with my free disco yarn?

hahahaha ... well, of course I made a scary looking doll for my daughter and used it as hair!

This is Elsa. She was made from stuff I had laying around and my free disco yarn. She is all free form with Frankenstein type stitching included.


I also made a scarf.

80's Redux Scarf


X-posted to my blog and around the internet to all the usual suspects.
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