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Crochet at the 2005 Joint Math Meetings - LJ Crochet Community Archive

About Crochet at the 2005 Joint Math Meetings

Previous Entry Crochet at the 2005 Joint Math Meetings Jan. 12th, 2005 @ 02:14 pm Next Entry
I've just gotten back from the 2005 Joint Mathematics Meetings. Don't worry, below the cut it's just all thumbnails. Most of the photos in here are from the AMS Special Session on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Fiber Arts or associated events.

Also, I'm a lousy photographer, so some of the coolest objects came out looking blurry in the photos. Sorry 'bout that.

(limited cross-post from mathart and personal journal)

Click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger image.

The knitting network, an evening event for crafters of all sorts. The woman standing on the left is sarah-marie belcastro, one of the event's organizers. The woman in the tan shawl is my mother, and the shawl is one of my designs (notice the Sierpinski motif!).

The knitting network viewed head-on.

Carolyn Yackel, one of the event's organizers, crocheted a Lorenz manifold. Unfortunately, we were having some trouble mounting it, so it doesn't look like the canonical version.

A topological petting zoo, including Moebius bands and Klein bottles by Maria Lano and sarah-marie belcastro.

Joshua Holden's Fibonacci bag uses the Fibonacci recurrance for its striping pattern.

Susan Wildstrom made her Sierpinski shawl following instructions which I told her, but which are really meep's.

Another slightly blurry one; these are embeddings of various surfaces in 3-space by Mark Shoulson. If I were a topologist, I'd know which spaces, but I'm not.

Mark Shoulson also did these attractive (and not as blurry in real life) crocheted Moebius strips.

I would dearly love to know how Miyuki Kawamura made these skeletons of platonic solids, but she wasn't at the conference.

These are Boy's and Steiner's surfaces. Once again I reveal my ignorance of topology by not knowing which is which, and my general ignorance by not knowing who made them.

This is a blurry photo of Daina Taimina's hyperbolic manifolds and hyperbolic quilt.

Finally, my Sierpinski blanket. The relief designs, alas, don't photograph very well without carefully-chosen lighting.
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