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About otama pattern

Previous Entry otama pattern Aug. 7th, 2004 @ 09:28 pm Next Entry
Here's how to make an otama. They're basically made in a spiral of single crochet with regular increases and decreases. The only weird thing is they have this funny start, which I don't know how to describe, but sharmelon found them online.

Otama start

At the end of the special start technique, you have 6 SCs in a circle. For the next round, increase to 12 SCs by doing 2 SCs in each SC. For the next round, increase to 18 SCs by doing 1 SC in the first SC, then 2 in the next all the way around. There are 15 rounds in the spiral. Get it? Here's the pattern (I've put the number of stitches you should have at the start and end of each round... for the ones with one number, just SC around):

6 -> 12
12 -> 18
18 -> 24
(switch colors here for a two-tone otama... I make the face lighter)
24 -> 18
18 -> 12
(stop here and stuff with scrap yarn or fluff)
12 -> 6

Break the yarn, run through the outside of the 6 SCs, pull tight and thread it through to the center.

Stitch on a face and VOILA! Your very own otama.
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