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Patterns For The Male Golf Lover In Your Life?!

So I'm planning on making some golf related items to give to my uncle Gary for xmas. Right now I'm working on club covers.

I just finished the first cover only to realize when I changed colors, somehow I dropped a stitch. No it's ruined and I need to start all over.

So, if you have any golf related patterns, or any male friendly patterns like hats or scarfs or the like that are quick and easy, please send 'em my way. Thanks!

Hat Drama

Last year I made my sister a 6 colored ripple-stitch scarf from red heart hokey pokey for Christmas. I have a few ounces in every color and decided to make her a matching hat or two. The only problem is, whenever I start a hat pattern, I can get ALMOST to the end, and then *BAM* I run out of yarn... I've tried changing patterns, hooks, dosn't seem to matter. I'm about to just throw in the hat and freehand an ipod cozy. That should take significantly less yarn (I hope). For those of you who make hats, is there a particular style/look that uses minimal yarn?

I am also working on a toddler sized scarf for a friend, and I'm working with Wool-Ease (an acrilic wool xmis). The child has Cystic Fibrosis, so I want to make sure I wash the scarf realy well to kill any potential germs before sending it off... I've never worked with wool yarn before, will it felt if I put it in the washing machine, will it shrink if the waters to warm? Is there a way to clean the darn thing, other than traditional soap/warm water? I'm almost tempted to just place it on a cookie sheet and bake the darn thing, but I'm afraid that would melt the accrilic... I would realy appreciate any advice on how to give the scarf a good steralization without totaly altering the project.

ACK!! If I'm going to get my stuff done in time for Christmas, I better grab my hooks and pull an all nighter.
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Two questions......

1) Isn't this a crochet community?

2) Why do people always get nastier the closer to Christmas you get?
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No More Grannies

So, as you might remember, I'm making a Trip Around The World afgan for my kids for their belated wedding/Christmas present. Originally, I was making a Double Wedding Ring pattern, but the directions proved so annoying, that I switched gears.

I have the whole center section of rounds of grannies all done and sewn together. I am, now squaring off the corners. Each corner takes 15 grannies. One corner is all done and sewn in, and I'm through with the first 5 grannies for the second corner. Slow going. I think this will be it for me and grannies fore a long while!

Gotta say, though, I absolutely love the Mainstays" Light Beige" color. It is such a warm, creamy off white color. It's unusual for me to get hyper about a neutral color, but I love this one everytime I look at it, which is a lot on this afgan!

Made a scarf and hat set for my mailman, Steve, and some muffins, all in time for his noontime delivery of my mail. Woot!

Hope to grab some time along the way to make a poncho for my friend, Sheryl. But not neccessarily by Christmas!
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I know the mods have made a statement about using lj-cuts when posting questionable material, but you may want to consider that many of us use the RSS feed for this community since we aren't regular LJ users...and the lj-cut tag doesn't work for anyone unless they view the entry from LJ. Also, viewing the cut is only an option. I know many users belong to many graphic communities and have this feature turned off.