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Patterns For The Male Golf Lover In Your Life?! Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 01:05 am
So I'm planning on making some golf related items to give to my uncle Gary for xmas. Right now I'm working on club covers.

I just finished the first cover only to realize when I changed colors, somehow I dropped a stitch. No it's ruined and I need to start all over.

So, if you have any golf related patterns, or any male friendly patterns like hats or scarfs or the like that are quick and easy, please send 'em my way. Thanks!

i just took some pictures of FOs Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:55 am
i actually attempted a gridCollapse )

and i hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season. :-)
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Hat Drama Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 09:33 pm
Last year I made my sister a 6 colored ripple-stitch scarf from red heart hokey pokey for Christmas. I have a few ounces in every color and decided to make her a matching hat or two. The only problem is, whenever I start a hat pattern, I can get ALMOST to the end, and then *BAM* I run out of yarn... I've tried changing patterns, hooks, dosn't seem to matter. I'm about to just throw in the hat and freehand an ipod cozy. That should take significantly less yarn (I hope). For those of you who make hats, is there a particular style/look that uses minimal yarn?

I am also working on a toddler sized scarf for a friend, and I'm working with Wool-Ease (an acrilic wool xmis). The child has Cystic Fibrosis, so I want to make sure I wash the scarf realy well to kill any potential germs before sending it off... I've never worked with wool yarn before, will it felt if I put it in the washing machine, will it shrink if the waters to warm? Is there a way to clean the darn thing, other than traditional soap/warm water? I'm almost tempted to just place it on a cookie sheet and bake the darn thing, but I'm afraid that would melt the accrilic... I would realy appreciate any advice on how to give the scarf a good steralization without totaly altering the project.

ACK!! If I'm going to get my stuff done in time for Christmas, I better grab my hooks and pull an all nighter.
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Two questions...... Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 08:20 pm
1) Isn't this a crochet community?

2) Why do people always get nastier the closer to Christmas you get?
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Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 05:24 pm
nudityCollapse )

No More Grannies Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 11:16 pm
So, as you might remember, I'm making a Trip Around The World afgan for my kids for their belated wedding/Christmas present. Originally, I was making a Double Wedding Ring pattern, but the directions proved so annoying, that I switched gears.

I have the whole center section of rounds of grannies all done and sewn together. I am, now squaring off the corners. Each corner takes 15 grannies. One corner is all done and sewn in, and I'm through with the first 5 grannies for the second corner. Slow going. I think this will be it for me and grannies fore a long while!

Gotta say, though, I absolutely love the Mainstays" Light Beige" color. It is such a warm, creamy off white color. It's unusual for me to get hyper about a neutral color, but I love this one everytime I look at it, which is a lot on this afgan!

Made a scarf and hat set for my mailman, Steve, and some muffins, all in time for his noontime delivery of my mail. Woot!

Hope to grab some time along the way to make a poncho for my friend, Sheryl. But not neccessarily by Christmas!
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offensive content Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 04:28 pm
I know the mods have made a statement about using lj-cuts when posting questionable material, but you may want to consider that many of us use the RSS feed for this community since we aren't regular LJ users...and the lj-cut tag doesn't work for anyone unless they view the entry from LJ. Also, viewing the cut is only an option. I know many users belong to many graphic communities and have this feature turned off.

Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 11:38 am
Offensive!! Don't look! Gah!Collapse )

Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 12:07 pm
nudityCollapse )

Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 04:33 pm
the 7 teacups hatCollapse )

My new books! Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 03:53 pm
I'm a super-obsessed pattern follower. Although I normally add/subtract things to make the pattern more to my liking, I haven't been able to get rid of that security blanket of having a pattern in front of me. Anyway, because of that I'm always on the lookout for new patterns. Today, I went to this used bookstore in my hometown, because I'm home for christmas. I wasn't even sure if this place was still open, but thank goodness it was! I found a few very nice books that I'm excited about, and a few that were only a quarter and are worth a look.

Dial Up Beware: Pictures are large and not friendly for you. My books!Collapse )

list of good causes to crochet for Dec. 19th, 2005 @ 08:08 pm
In case you haven't seen the magazine "Simply Creative Crochet" (from Better Homes & Gardens), the more-or-less current issue has a list of charities. Herewith the general gist of their 2-page article, "Hook Up With a Good Cause":

¤ Snuggles Project from Hugs for Homeless Animals - crocheted security blankets bring warmth and comfort to shelter animals worldwide. www.h4ha.org
¤ Heartmade Blessings: Operation Purple Heart - goal is to send a comfort afghan to every family who has lost a love one in Iraq or Afghanistan; you can donate yarn or completed 6-inch or 12-inch squares. www.heartmadeblessings.org
¤ Operation Toasty Toes - crochet slippers for members of America's armed forces serving overseas. www.operationtoastytoes8.gobot.com
¤ local efforts including Pittsburgh, PA chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women, crocheting hats, scarves, mittens and blankets for women's shelters; Community Yarn Creations in Lynwood, Washington create items for multiple local agencies. www.communityyarncreations.org
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Dec. 19th, 2005 @ 04:02 pm
Im so irritated. I've been working on a hat for my mom for like 3 days now. I finished it today and was super excited that it turned out, except it was a little big, so I washed it, hoping that it would shrink up a little bit. It shrunk up a little but not enough.... grrrr.... AND when I washed it, it got all floppy like, which I wouldn't mind, but my mom wanted a stiffer brim... Blahh... The problem was that I did a hat similar a few weeks back except it was going to be a base ball type cap, which turned out well except it was WAY too small because I have such a tight stitch so I figured Id go up a few hook sizes on moms to see if that helped. What I didn't realize was that I went up 5 hook sizes, but didn't notice till I was over half way done with it. GRRR... She's wearing it now because she says her head is cold, but I told her I'd see what I can do to fix it. I don't really know what I can to tho... blahh.
Just a slight vent... thanx for listening... :)
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Homespun Dec. 19th, 2005 @ 01:24 pm
Thanks to lisaizme for turning me on the the Crystallite hooks for Homespun. I bought the complete set. It sure made a difference using those with Homespun. I made 4 scarves for my husband's office girls over the weekend. I also splurged and bought myself a digital camera Saturday (self Christmas present) so now I can photo my STUFF.....
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How udderly charming! Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 02:21 am
I made this cow TP cozy for a couple-friend of mine who call each other My Moo. It was inspired by Roxycraft's cow. :)

Check out their moo -- go ahead! It's kid/work safe! :)Collapse )
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Slippers, revisited Dec. 19th, 2005 @ 12:38 am
Well, I finished my second pair of slippers today. This Christmas, I am crocheting slippers for everyone on my list (well, at least if I can get them done!) I've been crocheting like mad for two days, and I now have two pairs done. Luckily, I am a college student on semester break, so I have all the time in the world to do this.

For this pair, I used this pattern, but I'm really bad about making stitches really tight, so I had to add a few rows and increase like crazy around the ankle cuff to make it work. I think it turned out well...

What do you think?Collapse )

NOT KID/WORK SAFE! Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 06:50 pm
I made boobies.Collapse )

Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 01:03 pm
i have a technical question and i need some help......
i am trying to figure out how to decrease on a pattern stitch.... for instance let's say i am doing a spaced scale stitch and want to use it in a hat and as i go, i am assuming i would decrease on the pattern.... or would it be easier to increase and start at the top???? i am really good with using fancy stitches (as found in crochet bible, etc) but i have no idea how to decrease or increase on a fancy stitch like this-- i could basically only go in a straight shot, like for a scarf or blanket. i thought maybe someone could help....please??

Further word from the mod Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 08:04 am
Point 1: rules for the community have been revised, please read the info page.

Point 2: ALL IMAGES MUST NOW BE BEHIND A CUT TAG WITH TEXT DESCRIBING WHAT THEY ARE. All images. If you clicked on it and didn't like it, it's your fault. If you didn't put it behind a cut and someone flamed you, it's your fault.

Point 3: I'd really like to ask people to treat each other how they want to be treated. Do you want 800 furious raving women ranting at you? 1500? Up to possibly 2500? What if they're whining? What if it's just a handful that can't get along? Neither do I. I do react well to civility and adult discussion, but I am not your mother, your boss, your teacher, or anybody who gets off on authority or wants to mediate constantly.

Christmas hats and scarves. Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 08:32 am
A friend of mine has introduced me to the kniffty knitters. We were trying to figure out how to make those fashionable scarves using the new fun yarn. It isn’t easy to work with fun fir and eyelash yarn and the boa yarn. She found the kniffty knitter and showed me. We have been going to town ever since. I started afghans for Christmas last January. I did five. Yes, five. I did that by setting a schedule. I decided that I had so many weeks per afghan. That meant that I had to do so many inches or so many squares a day leaving time to finish each afghan whether that meant just the border or putting the squares together and then adding the boarder. I did it. I even had time to do six of those scarves with the kniffty knitter. They were great fun. Then I got carried away. I made one of those fancy scarves for every single niece I have and a hat for every nephew. The scarves take me two days to do. My friend can rip them out in a day. The hats are different story. Two hours at the most. I whipped hats out for everyone I know. Cute. My goodness those things are cute. I made camouflage hats for the little nephews, those small enough to still love playing army and hunting. I made hats to match jackets of the older nephews. Even though my brothers and father are getting their own camouflage hats. I made a hat for my grandmother who loves soft hats. They are lovely. The real problem is that I still have yarn and time and empty Christmas bags. Everyone I know will have warm ears the rest of this winter.
Yesterday, I watched Christmas movies as I made about ten dozen cookies and three hats. It was a great day. My floor still needs to be vacuumed but I have hats for three more people. Priorities. Got to have priorities.

x-posted to a_twistedstitch Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 08:24 am
There is now a change of policy over at a_twistedstitch. It is no longer only for advanced crochet, but we will remain only for rare, original and unusual pieces.

Any and all manner of oddity or delicious weirdness appreciated. We are a body-positive, open-minded, multi-national, pan-religious community. We are also highly populated by snarks, so only those who can handle criticism should venture a swim in our waters. If you post the same old scarf in a community for the unusual, be prepared to hear about it and be prepared to answer the question "what makes your crochet so special".

As before, I prefer to limit questions asked in a_twistedstitch to the ones which arise in designing and/or free-handing (not free-forming, which is another thing entirely). Questions regarding patterns you are working on, or regarding stitch how-tos should be directed to basic_crochet. Asking a poster for the pattern will, as always, get you banned (bad form, people) and making posts in search of patterns will get you ridiculed and banned.

Basically, we're a bunch of bawdy loudmouth bitches with tons of opinions, and you are welcome to join.

my latest creations, A Monkey Spider & Kitty Cthulhu softies Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 06:55 pm
not at all rude, just cute critters underneathCollapse )

Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 01:35 am
My first venture into Amigurumi.

Big Bad Riding Hood?

Little Red Riding Hood seems to be having a few problems, she says that she can't shake the feeling that the Big Bad Wolf is stalking her.

We spoke with the Big Bad Wolf and he says he just wants her to get off his back so he can go on with his life.

Read more...Collapse )
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Baby Patterns Dec. 17th, 2005 @ 08:14 pm
I just got the news that my nephew, Eric, and his girlfriend are going to have a baby! I have been googling and looking for good patterns, but I wanted to know what pattern you all like to do. I have a ton of baby yarn and I have no idea what they are having, but I want to get started on something soon. Yellow and green is a good start for an unknown gender and then I will find out what colors they are going to use. I don't mind paying for patterns I would rather have free patterns, because, well, let's face it, free is a good price and I am limited on funds. For this though, becoming a great aunt, I will pay! hehe. I am giddy over this!

found a great pattern website Dec. 17th, 2005 @ 06:53 pm
i came across this great website with free patterns of hats. i thought you all might enjoy browsing through. http://patbythehook.blogdrive.com/ let me know what you think. dea

Dec. 17th, 2005 @ 07:42 pm
Well, I finished one pair of slippers. I have a ton more projects to finish before Christmas. Well, back to work. Let me know what you think of the pictures.

slippers...Collapse )

Dec. 17th, 2005 @ 02:43 am
I know that everyone is probably crocheting like mad to get done with their x-mas projects, but maybe after the hustle and bustle (perhaps while digesting the delicious holiday meals) you can take the time to make a blanket for a homeless animal.

Hugs for Homeless Animals is a non-profit organization: They are a humane education organization who provides support programs that bridge the public with animal caring organizations (that was taken right from the website). In other words, they help the public help animal shelters. One way you can help is to crochet, knit or sew a blanket for a homeless animal. You can go to their site here and all the dimensions are given, as well as some recommended patterns. I hope that you all consider doing this, I plan on sitting down on December 26th and making one.

Anyway, happy crocheting!

"Love Bug" Dec. 16th, 2005 @ 03:13 pm

Pattern: http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_love_bug.htm

first ever freehand crochet item :D Dec. 16th, 2005 @ 10:38 pm
stocking for my sonCollapse )

Word from the Mod Dec. 16th, 2005 @ 12:05 pm
Despite my own personal feelings on the subject and what has been the case in the past...

I've received enough polite, carefully-phrased requests lately asking that potentially mature or non-worksafe or kid-safe content be put behind a cut with a warning, that I'm concluding it's now the will of the majority. In other words, said content is allowed, but please place it behind a cut.

If you just don't wanna draw heat, just use the lj-cut when in doubt.

Thank you, folks, for being polite and non-drama-mode about it all, etc. etc. While I personally don't think that penises, tampons, menstruation, breasts, etc. are upsetting or pornographic, I hereby bow to what appears to be the will of the majority at this point, and ask that we all accept the following compromise: if you think anyone might be upset by it, stick it behind a cut. And if it's behind a cut and you read it despite a warning and find it offputting, remember you had the choice to click the cut or not.
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» What can you do with a small willy? [not for general patronage]
I made a couple of these for some friends:

Functional wee willies here!Collapse )
» (No Subject)
Just finished this scarf tonight. Snowflake motif from The Crochet Bible.

3 PicturesCollapse )
» (No Subject)
I was doing my laundry, and what do I see? About 7 pattern books from the 50's sitting on the loan a shelf. I of course have them all in my apartment. The only problem is, they are all tatting and edging and things that scare me. I mean, they make table clothes out of doileys. intricate, and time wasting. I do admit they are nice though. The only part I can't really understand is one pattern calls for a size 30 needle. Is this some sort of conversion? I know letters, that's about it. If anyone wants from cool edging patterns I can scan some. I also have ruffled doilies. They look neat.

Thanks for the help!

(Edit: I just realized that maybe 30 means knitting needles? There are a couple knitting patterns in the books.)

» MAM blanket
This is my latest finish, er...still has some ends needing to be tucked but I love it. It is from a leisure arts pattern Herb garden. It was quick, intermediate difficulty I would say, and easy to transport into meetings.

» Mario star - revisited and corrected
I had no idea that people actually used this pattern, but since some do, and it has a mistake in it, here's the right version:
(sorry for the brainfart in the first post)

Super Mario Invincibility star!

Pattern hereCollapse )
» "Love Bird"

Pattern: http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_lovebird.htm
» show and tell

happy holidays to all. Here are a few things that i finally got onto my computer. some are new, some are not.


Pictures!Collapse )

» (No Subject)
Here's another scarf I finished recently for my son's girlfriend.

6' long and 5" wide - Red Heart mixed with Fun Fur.

Thanks for all the great compliments on the camo print scarf. :)
Stay tuned for the ugliest hat to ever come out of scrap yarn!

» sc2tog
The memories feature is not working right now, so I can't look it up there & I'm not finding anything online. I wanted to crochet a few of the Super Mario stars for my daughter. I have the patter printed out from like 4 months ago. On the points, for example in row 3 this is what it reads: ch1, sc2tog, sc in next 4 sc, sc2tog (4sc). I understand that tog stands for together. But, I'm just not getting it. Can someone please explain it to me further. Thank you!
» Looking for: felted hat with pictures post

I'm looking for a post I saw (maybe within the past couple of months) where someone completed a felted hat . I believe it had a few pictures, including when it had come out of the dryer.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, I would appreciate if you can repost the link. I have tried using ljseek and the community calendar to find it, but it has been difficult because several posts are untitled.

Thanks :)
» (No Subject)
I finished my very first blanket. It only took me about a week to complete and I've just started my second one for the holidays yesterday. I'm this one to my step grandma and the other I'm working on is going to my grandma on my mom's side.

Christmas afghanCollapse )
» As requested: photos of handwarmers
Here's a photo of the handwarmers I made for my sister for Christmas (I described the pattern here). They're adjustable to any wrist circumference (number of rows) and length (number of stitches), and it's all back-loop sc.

Photo!Collapse )

These were done in some snazzy DK cotton-cashmere blend I had left over from another gift and using a Boye G (4.25 mm) hook. You could probably do a ladies' small with less than 50 g of yarn, so you might be able to do them in a decadent yarn for fairly cheap.
» first post!
Some silly things and an intro. :)

*EDIT* This post has some crochet tampon toys, and a ferret playing with them. If you're like...offended by yarn tampons better not click this.

pictures!Collapse )
» *turns on the Newbie Alert sign*
Is there a trick to decreasing when working in post stitch? Does it work in-pattern, or do you have to switch to straight dc, or is there something else I'm missing? I'm working on a hat (crohooker, thanks for the suggestion, post stitch is SO much better than what I was doing before!), and I've tried starting the decreases at the top about four times, now, and none of them have looked right, somehow.

» Baby it's cold outside
finally finished an x-mas present!!

using the Baby it's cold outside pattern from Crochet Me dot com.

Used lionbrand's homespun in lavendar sachet (down towards the bottom) for the main body and then red heart watercolor (towards the bottom #318) as the trim.

after all of the horror stories i had heard about homespun, i was a little reluctant to use it. however, i LOVED it. didn't experience any problems, and i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the whole thing turned out. (not to mention how it feels!)

pics under hereCollapse )
» (No Subject)
My sisters looking for ear warmers for christmas. I bought her a pair, but since I'm making something for everyone else in my family, I figured I might as well just make her a pair too.
I figured I'd just make her something like that, and I was going to make it a rectangle and just sew the two sides together since I think it'll be alot easier than doing it like a hat and working around.

Anyone have any suggestions for yarn? I don't want wool because it would be too scratchy, and I was thinking something with elastic in it would be useful, but I really don't know if it would work with this project, and what yarns would have it. Does anyone have any suggestions on techniques I should use, or which yarns I should buy for her?

Unfortunately she's going to her boyfriends house (I refuse to admit they're engaged) for christmas, but that buys me an extra week in which to work on it.
» blanket curse and other ideas
My boyfriend wants a blanket. However, I definately know about the blanket curse. I won't be making him a blanket no matter how hard he whines about being cold.

Are there other suitable ideas out there for him instead?
» (No Subject)
Yes call me lame. I can not figure this out because I do not understand patterns at all. I've never used them. I am trying so hard to make something so dumb and simple.

I am following this pattern. I can't even get past the first round section. I get up to this point:

"working along opposite side of starting chain single crochet in next chain and in each of remaining 36 chain
stitches; do not join round. Place a contrasting color thread between last single crochet and next single crochet and carry thread up
on each round to indicate beginning of each round. There are 39 single crochet between marked stitches."

I do not end up with 36 stiches on the second row. how is this possible when I added 6 stiches to the already 40? It doesn't make sense to my non-pattern reading brain? Please help or offer an easier pattern for me to follow. I promise I've crocheted for 12+ plus years but I've never read patterns. This will be my first time trying and it's not going so well. I thought I would start with some "easy" and this is where I end up.

Laugh away at this silly question, but please help! The lives of pot holders depend on YOU!
» Hey everyone I am selling some yarn
I haven't posted anything like this is a while so if it isn't allowed I will delete it. Just let me know.

Okay so this is the mother load of acrylic yarn sale!!!!!
I am selling this as one huge lot I am going to put it on ebay. The starting bid is going to be $20 because it will cost at least that to ship this sucker.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
take a look at my selling journal for photos or click here for the auction link, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8243491237&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
» (No Subject)
I'm looking for a yarn that feels and looks a bit like Homespun but has the bright primary colors of my beloved Red Heart Mexicana (I just love the rainbow colors in it so much).

Preferably somthing that is washable.

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