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Previous Entry No More Grannies Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 11:16 pm Next Entry
So, as you might remember, I'm making a Trip Around The World afgan for my kids for their belated wedding/Christmas present. Originally, I was making a Double Wedding Ring pattern, but the directions proved so annoying, that I switched gears.

I have the whole center section of rounds of grannies all done and sewn together. I am, now squaring off the corners. Each corner takes 15 grannies. One corner is all done and sewn in, and I'm through with the first 5 grannies for the second corner. Slow going. I think this will be it for me and grannies fore a long while!

Gotta say, though, I absolutely love the Mainstays" Light Beige" color. It is such a warm, creamy off white color. It's unusual for me to get hyper about a neutral color, but I love this one everytime I look at it, which is a lot on this afgan!

Made a scarf and hat set for my mailman, Steve, and some muffins, all in time for his noontime delivery of my mail. Woot!

Hope to grab some time along the way to make a poncho for my friend, Sheryl. But not neccessarily by Christmas!
Current Mood: Stressed
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