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In case you haven't seen the magazine "Simply Creative Crochet" (from Better Homes & Gardens), the more-or-less current issue has a list of charities. Herewith the general gist of their 2-page article, "Hook Up With a Good Cause":

¤ Snuggles Project from Hugs for Homeless Animals - crocheted security blankets bring warmth and comfort to shelter animals worldwide. www.h4ha.org
¤ Heartmade Blessings: Operation Purple Heart - goal is to send a comfort afghan to every family who has lost a love one in Iraq or Afghanistan; you can donate yarn or completed 6-inch or 12-inch squares. www.heartmadeblessings.org
¤ Operation Toasty Toes - crochet slippers for members of America's armed forces serving overseas. www.operationtoastytoes8.gobot.com
¤ local efforts including Pittsburgh, PA chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women, crocheting hats, scarves, mittens and blankets for women's shelters; Community Yarn Creations in Lynwood, Washington create items for multiple local agencies. www.communityyarncreations.org
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